Branding in Advertising

I am admittedly a make-up enthusiast.  Ulta and Sephora’s doors are the most welcoming to me in any mall.  Since the age of three, I’ve been learning how to paint makeup on my face as a competitive dancer. I am that girl that takes forever to get ready, but I enjoy the process. On any random night you can find me clicking away from a paper to watch YouTube tutorials using the newest makeup products on the market.  There are 10-12 channels that I have watched consistently for the past three years that I regularly go to for makeup inspiration.  The people on these channels produce their videos in their bedrooms using their own cameras and computers to edit.  They are typically not educated in videography or cosmetology.  What started out as a hobby for them has now become a full-time business with some of their subscriber totals reaching over 950,000 people from around the world.  These people have created their own brand from the comfort of their home.  They have created a community of “beauty gurus” within the YouTube world.  Women’s magazines regard them as experts on all things beauty.  Some of the most well-known gurus are Missglamorazzi, JuicyStar01, AllThatGlitters21, PixiWoos, TanyaBurr, Emilynoel83 and FleurdeForce.  Several of these channels also have spin-offs that reveal more of their day to day life because viewers feel so connected through the power of YouTube that they feel they actually know them.

As advertising transforms with the expansion of technology and media, the idea of branding becomes even more complex.  Anyone can create a brand through YouTube or blogs.  Advertisers have yet to figure out how to utilize these outlets as best as they can for their clients.  As an advertising student focusing on branding, throughout the semester I will be analyzing how these people created their brands successfully and how advertisers can use them in the future.


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Relay for Life

This is the second event I covered for my final project in multimedia.  The story is about a set of twins, Guinn and Katherine Rogers, from Owensboro whose lives have been touched by cancer in several ways.  They explain why the relay and what the event is about.



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May 8, 2012 · 3:16 pm

Famous Photographers

1. Yousuf Karsh

I reported on Yousuf Karsh in my intro to digital photography class. The major component that stuck out to me about his pictures was his focus on hands.  He uses the hands to show the personality of a portrait and let viewers into lives of his subjects. Every photo communicates something about the subject to the reader.  He has photographed portraits of some of the most famous personalities in history, including Winston Churchill and Audrey Hepburn.



2. Annie Liebovitz

Liebovitz is a name that has been on my radar for some time considering her work with magazines, namely Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.  Her intimate portraits allowed readers to see a different side to her subjects.  Her most notable portrait is perhaps that of John Lennon five hours before he was shot.

3. Kristin Vining

Kristin runs a blog called Charlotte Wedding Photographer that I have followed for about a year.  I found her through another blog based around beauty and fashion.  The way she displays her brides and focuses on the beauty in each one is something I hope I can find in my wedding photographer.  I feel like she goes above and beyond to catch each detail of the events.

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Event Two: Relay For Life

I am currently working on my final multimedia project for the semester that is about Relay for Life.  This event is an all-night relay that symbolizes the fact the “cancer never sleeps.”  Guinn and Katherine Rogers, 20 year old twins, have relayed many years for their father and grandmother.  However this is a special year for them because one of their best friends who is their age was recently diagnosed with cancer.  This is the first year they will also be relaying for Blake.  



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Smart Self Confidence

Jan Claussen competes in Greek Feud for her sorority during Greek Week on Tues., April 17.  She finds self confidence in this event because it is her moment to shine through and get support from her sisters.  This is the story of her preparation and participation in the event.

Jan Claussen competes in Greek Feud for her sorority.

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April 24, 2012 · 4:36 pm

Events Project

I am currently working on my final pieces for my multimedia class. My first piece is coverage on an event which I chose to be Greek Feud.  Greek Feud takes place during Greek Week and involves sorority and fraternity members answering facts about each organization in a jeopardy style game.  My subject is Jan Claussen, the participant for one of the sororities competing in the event.  Jan won Greek Feud last year and has been preparing for over two months to win again this year.  She feels this is her moment to shine through in her organization each year, especially with the support of her sisters.

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Bill and Dana Stauss got married at a nursing home in Bowling Green, Ky. on her 100th birthday on Feb. 6, 2012.

Intricately wrapped gifts lined the table, candles were lit and the cake sat waiting to be served.  An elegant gown draped the guest of honor waiting for her moment to celebrate a life milestone.  The room filled to capacity as bystanders peeked in windows to catch a glimpse of the occasion of a 100- year birthday.

However, this was not the most peculiar event of the day.  Wedding bells covered the gift wrap, candelabras framed the wedding aisle and two miniature dolls topped the cake.  Feb. 6 was not only Dana Jackson’s 100th birthday, but also the day she became Dana Stauss.

Bill Stauss, 87, met Dana at a local adult day care center two years prior to their wedding where the two became smitten with each other.

“How could you not be attracted to her? She was cute and good company,” Bill said of his fiancé at the time.

Dana was not the only one with her on eyes on Bill while at the day care center.  A clever sense of humor transcends generations of females as an attractive attribute.

“I heard from another gal one day that Bill was her boyfriend and I quickly put her in her place,” Dana said.

Dana was moved to Rosewood Health Care Center during their courtship, and Bill joined her a few months after.  The two rekindled their love over low-sugar dinner dates in the dining hall and activity times.

Several nurses exchanged tales of the two sneaking kisses and holding hands before they announced they were officially a couple.

“It all happened pretty quickly to me,” said Brian Stauss, Bill’s oldest son and best man.

Brian, a WKU alum, was assisting Bill on a trip to Wal-Mart before Christmas when they found themselves in the jewelry section.

“Wal-Mart just has everything so I thought it would be the best place to look,” Bill said.

Being partially blind, Bill chose the ring that shined to him the most.

Dana proudly showcased her ring on the wedding, which now symbolizes her third marriage commitment.  She has outlived her past two husbands, while Bill outlived one wife.

“There was a hold-up at first concerning a death certificate of Dana’s first husband and we thought the wedding might get pushed back,” Brian said.

Long-distance family members came through, however, and the wedding continued according to schedule.

The two exchanged vows in a small gathering room at Rosewood Flanked by family members, friends, nurses, staff, and several news stations.

“We will never experience another wedding like this in our time,” said Rev. Steve Hohman, the presiding minister from Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

Bill kissed his bride twice at the culmination after numerous requests from the crowd from another photo opportunity.

After cutting the cake and opening gifts, including a purple silk nightgown for Dana, the two were escorted to the same room where they now reside together at Rosewood.

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April 10, 2012 · 4:19 pm